Short Stories

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Former Special Forced operative Joe Halsey and ex-Marine Chuck Luskin have been online participating in discussions about strange patterns in the sky. Dubbed chemtrails by the so-called conspiracy theorists, the patterns have been observed all over the globe. Too much speculation and not enough information provide the impetus for the men to meet and investigate the phenomena.

After months of surveillance, the two meet in the Nevada desert in the dark of night. What they find goes far beyond what they expected and is more than they bargained for.


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A View From the Meadow coverThe summer she was ten years old, Cassie and her best friend decided to run away to join the circus. The plan was to meet at midnight in the meadow next door to the house where the Fitzsimmons had just moved in. While waiting for her friend to appear, Cassie hears strange noises coming from the back yard of the new neighbors. What she saw when she peeked through the fence is shocking. But who will believe her?