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January: A New Beginning

January. The big letdown after the holidays, when the bills come rolling in and the days are dark and dreary. It’s the beginning of a brand new year, but what with the holiday dinners, traveling to the sometimes crazy family gatherings or hosting one of them, instead of feeling renewed and refreshed, most of us are just plain exhausted, not to mention broke and perhaps a few pounds heavier!

But you know what? I like January. Even though it means starting to get my ducks in a row for everyone’s favorite time of year – tax time (I’m being facetious) – and getting on that exercise bike or stepper or going to the gym to shed those extra pounds; even though it means trying not to gasp after opening the bills for the gifts and the dinners and the celebrations that are now flooding my mailbox, I still find January to be just what the doctor ordered after a month plus of unabashed excess. Why? Because even though it can be dark and dreary, it can also be stunningly beautiful, with fluffy white clouds scudding across a cerulean sky and bright sunshine reflecting off new fallen snow. January is a time to rest up and regroup. It’s time to plan that Super Bowl party if you’re a fan! I’m not one of them but I have been invited to Super Bowl parties and had fun. Just never bothered to watch the game, instead stayed close to the table and gobbled the veggies so thoughtfully provided by a host who was also probably trying to get rid of that holiday weight.

By the end of January, even though we’re still in the dead of winter here in the northern hemisphere, you can tell the days are a little bit longer and when that happens, you know spring can’t be far behind.

So Happy January! Happy New Year! We’ve got a brand new year to do with as we please. Let’s make it a great year.