Stuff I Think About

When you look up into the sky at night, do you wonder the same things that I do? I see those twinkling stars and wonder if there’s anyone out there. Well, actually, I think there are beings out there. Beings in all states of evolution.

I look at the incredible pictures, like the one above, sent back to us from the Hubble Telescope, and am awestruck at the possibilities. To think that we are alone in this universe is – well – it just doesn’t compute!

Here we are, not so long ago an agrarian society that morphed into an industrial society and now we are making the transition to a technological society. Not so long ago, a home computer was an oddity and there was no Internet. Now, the world is literally at our fingertips and every day brings some new breakthrough. Going to Mars isn’t the stuff of science fiction anymore. We’re working on it. We’ve already been to the moon and have satellites circling the planet and an international space station. Now entrepreneurs are selling vacation trips to outer space!

It’s a brave and ever changing new world and I find that exciting.

I think about what kinds of civilizations are out there, yet undiscovered by us. Some, I am certain, are so far advanced that in comparison, we are little more than Neanderthals – if that. Other civilizations are just getting underway. I wonder where we are on that cosmic evolutionary scale and hope that we manage to navigate the problems we face on our world so that we can one day claim our place in the advanced column.

But for now, I gaze into the night sky and dream of what may be and think about the fact that the universe is ever expanding. Even though my questions may never be answered in this life, I think the answers are there and one day, I will have the key. Because I – and you and everything that exists – is energy. And energy never ceases to exist. It just changes form. That’s pretty cool don’t you think?

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and get a free short story!