Cooper’s Grove

Cooper's Grove“They call me the Witch Woman. I was born Agnes MacPherson, and to my face people call me Miss Aggie, but behind my back it’s another story. They think I don’t know, but I do. It’s because I can see spirits.”

Lucinda Mae Hawkins is a wrong side of the tracks girl who has a special place in Miss Aggie’s heart. Throughout Lucinda’s tumultuous childhood, Miss Aggie provided shelter from the storm of the violent arguments in the Hawkins household.

Just turned sixteen Lucinda meets spoiled rich boy John Dawson. He’s older, he’s handsome and he sweeps the young girl off her feet. Before long, she finds herself in a motherly way and a shotgun wedding ensues. What Lucinda envisions as a fairytale marriage quickly turns into a shocking disappointment for the young mother.

Billy Joe Dean has had a secret crush on Lucinda for years but because he was horribly scarred from a childhood accident, he did nothing about it. Then, after her marriage to John, Billy Joe let go of his dream of someday finding the courage to make his feelings known. But the untimely death of John Dawson emboldens him and he makes his move, unaware that the spirit of John Dawson hasn’t left the earthly realm and is intent on keeping Lucinda for himself, even in death.

Spanning half a century, Cooper’s Grove is a ghost story and a love story told by Agnes MacPherson, the woman who can see what others cannot.

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