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Stuff I Think About

When you look up into the sky at night, do you wonder the same things that I do? I see those twinkling stars and wonder if there’s anyone out there. Well, actually, I think there are beings out there. Beings in all states of evolution.

I look at the incredible pictures, like the one above, sent back to us from the Hubble Telescope, and am awestruck at the possibilities. To think that we are alone in this universe is – well – it just doesn’t compute!

Here we are, not so long ago an agrarian society that morphed into an industrial society and now we are making the transition to a technological society. Not so long ago, a home computer was an oddity and there was no Internet. Now, the world is literally at our fingertips and every day brings some new breakthrough. Going to Mars isn’t the stuff of science fiction anymore. We’re working on it. We’ve already been to the moon and have satellites circling the planet and an international space station. Now entrepreneurs are selling vacation trips to outer space!

It’s a brave and ever changing new world and I find that exciting.

I think about what kinds of civilizations are out there, yet undiscovered by us. Some, I am certain, are so far advanced that in comparison, we are little more than Neanderthals – if that. Other civilizations are just getting underway. I wonder where we are on that cosmic evolutionary scale and hope that we manage to navigate the problems we face on our world so that we can one day claim our place in the advanced column.

But for now, I gaze into the night sky and dream of what may be and think about the fact that the universe is ever expanding. Even though my questions may never be answered in this life, I think the answers are there and one day, I will have the key. Because I – and you and everything that exists – is energy. And energy never ceases to exist. It just changes form. That’s pretty cool don’t you think?

and get a free short story!

and get a free short story!

That Took Longer Than Expected!

When I left my wine consulting gig back in May, I thought I’d get all of our books converted into a variety of eBook formats by July at the latest. HAHAHA! Guess the joke was on me! Because here it is, mid-October, and today I FINALLY was notified that the last of them has made the grade over at Smashwords and is now available on just about any eReader you can think of. Even iBooks.

Gotta say, I’m proud of myself.

Now I can get to interacting with people over at Goodreads, which I’ve only been able to do periodically amidst writing for Liberals Unite, updating this website as well as the ARK Stories website. Not only that, but I can now actually get started on my next novel.

Of course, there will be things that will take me away from my wandering inside my own head – a place I love to be when I’m making up my yarns. For one, I’ll be editing my daughter Kimberley’s new Young Adult novel titled Peyton’s Choice. It’s about a 17 year old girl who finds first love and then faces an unplanned pregnancy. I’ve got to say, Kimberley did a fantastic job and we’re looking forward to its release.

I took the plunge!


Last time I posted I said I was planning to leave my wine consulting gig and devoting my time to getting ARK Stories into a going concern rather than an expensive hobby. And I did! This is the end of the second week I’ve been unemployed. Scary. But at least I’m fortunate enough to be able to do this. At least for a while.

One thing I will most definitely miss about the wine gig, though – the tastings. In the 6 1/2 years I worked as a consultant, I got to taste some of the world’s best wines: stuff like Hundred Acre Cabernet and Shiraz, Cristal Champagne – I even got to taste some Lafite Rothschild. One really cool thing – when you’re in the biz, they’re always running contests and when I left I added a magnum of 2010 Tantara Solomon Hills Pinot Noir to my collection. I have the 2009 – won it last autumn and am saving both for when I have people over who appreciate a truly fine Pinot Noir. Because Tantara really does make some kickin’ wine! Now I shall be relegated to shopping for less expensive wine at my local Bottle Barn, but I must say, there are some great buys out there if you know what you’re doing and my tenure as a consultant put me into the category of people who know. Yay!

So, back to my new (old) venture. First thing I did was get the ARK Stories site up. Moved it from one server to another and that was a CHORE! Shouldn’t have been but my previous server people didn’t want to lose the biz so they kind of screwed around with me. Obviously, their efforts were to no avail, because I did change servers  As far as rebuilding the site, all I have to say it this: No wonder web designers charge an arm and a leg! I have a feeling I’ll be tweaking the site on and off for awhile before it meets my approval. But for someone who hasn’t a clue, I think I did a pretty good job!

I’m also editing my daughter’s YA novel, Peyton’s Choice. This is the third or fourth time I’ve been through it – one loses count after a while – and once she goes through this final time, we’re sending it out to some other editors to work on. Input is always good!

What else? Well, as usual, I’m writing for Liberals Unite. More now than before, of course, because hey! I have the time! And you know me – I ALWAYS have something to say!

So, reading, writing, planning and all that stuff. Today is Saturday, so I think I’ll stop working and go have some fun!


Working On A New Project

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 1.21.56 PM

With the holidays looming – what a word looming is, conjuring up all manner of death and destruction – I am getting my house a makeover. Having four cats has accelerated the process and we won’t go into that here, but I’ve been wanting to paint the joint since I moved in over 6 years ago.

At first, I could live with the never-ending beige but now it makes me want to scream. I need color! So I’ve got painters coming to give the downstairs, the stairwell and the upstairs hall a coat of yellow (shade yet to be determined – that’s the project for this weekend). I have personally painted my bathroom – and it’s da bomb, if I do say so myself – and am gearing up to give my bedroom a makeover, but the thought of doing that stairwell, replete with a big ol’ tunnel over the stairs going up to the skylight gave me pause. All I could think of when considering doing it myself were those commercials with that old lady moaning, “Help! I’ve fallen and can’t get up!” Hence the hired painters.

Once the paint is on the walls – and I don’t know if I’ll get around to the office, but will definitely do the downstairs half bath (‘cuz it’s small) – I’m having bamboo floors put in. So if you see my mugshot on the news for knocking over the local 7-11, you’ll know that it was all because I wanted to spruce up the place for the holidays and really needed the $$.

If you’d buy one – or all of my books (hey! why not go for the gusto!), either for yourself or as gifts to your book loving family and friends – I might not have to rob the 7-11.

Just sayin’.





My Brand New Short Story!

Sometimes you just want a quick shot and that’s what short stories are all about. I hope you’ve taken advantage of the FREEBIE on my home page. If not, please join my mailing list and let me know whether you’d like a Kindle or an ePub version (that will fit most other eReaders like NOOK).

Today, I’m announcing the release of my newest short story, A View From the Meadow. It’s on Amazon and on Barnes and Noble and I hope you decide to take the plunge and spend 99¢ for a strange little tale that I think you will find entertaining!

AVFTM cover



Crazy End Of Summer Stuff

Well, I did my CRAZY Kindle countdown deal and lots of people took advantage of it. Thanks! Now I’m going to work on getting CRAZY into other online venues in eBook format because I realize that not everyone has a Kindle! So pretty soon, all of the ARK Stories books will be more widely available. Woo hoo!

I’ve been so busy all summer long doing websites, editing Kimberley’s FABULOUS new book American Woman The Poll Dance: Women and Voting, learning a new writing program and doing my wine consulting that I haven’t had time to write. But I’ll be getting back to that as soon as I return from my trip back to my roots – Baltimore, Maryland. I’ll be seeing old friends and most exciting, seeing Kimberley speak on the west lawn of the nation’s capitol building on September 13. It’s gonna be GREAT!

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to relaxing at least a little bit this Labor Day weekend, although I still have a lot to accomplish before leaving for my trip next Friday. I’ll miss my kitties! And I’m also looking forward to all the colors of autumn – my very favorite time of the year.

Gotta run. Have a terrific holiday weekend!