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The Chemtrail Conspiracy cover smallHello and welcome to my site! Glad to have you here – please feel free to nose around.

What’s new? Well, we’ve released my daughter’s newest book, Peyton’s Choice and the 5 Star reviews are rolling in. Woo hoo!

I’m also working on a new novel, although I have to admit the going is slow. But it’s coming along and once it’s ready, you’ll be the first to know!

In the meantime, check out my novels here and take a gander at the reviews on Amazon. I’m proud of them! So if you like your serial killers Satanic; or have a propensity for stories about truly nasty miscreants trying to get one over on an upstanding citizen; or are looking for a ghost story with a twist, well then, I’ve got you covered!

Plus, from time to time, I add a little of this and little of that to my blog here. So be sure to click on that link and check that out as well. Right now, I’ve got some DEALS going on with CRAZY and Cooper’s Grove. You can buy each of them on Amazon for just 99¢ each – but only until November 1. To get the same deal for your other eReaders, check out my blog for the coupon codes. Just remember, use the ePub version if you’ve got a NOOK or read your books on iBooks.

Oh yeah, you can also head on over the ARK Stories and check out all of the books we’ve done over these past few years.